Friday, October 9, 2009

Steve Update for ….wait, what day is this?

Weight Update

Just when you thought that Steve had reached the lowest of lows…he did it again.

PEOPLE!!! If you want to lose weight, feel great and be stronger…more fit.PRIMAL BLUEPRINT is the way to go. If it is NOT your “cup of tea” you definitely need to go LOW CARB!!! Doing P90X from Beachbody hasn’t hurt me any either… :)

Why? My latest weight is 157.5 …from my highest of 235 lbs…
I’ve lost 77.5 LBS!!!

Question: It’s only a pound from a couple of weeks ago….what’s the big deal?

Answer: My
NEW goal was to not lose additional weight!!! I am eating all I want of good, healthy, tasty and nutritious foods….AND I STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!
When you “live” a primal life:

· you exercise 30-60 mins, 5-6 days a week.

· Eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts >>> Limiting processed foods.

Fitness Update

Ok Steve, you’ve lost a lot of weight….good for you…but are you fit? Are you weak from the

weight loss????

I am more fit and I am getting stronger every SINGLE week.

…yesterday I did an ALL TIME HIGH Total Consecutive Push

… every week I see an increase of strength in some area of fitness….

I DO NOT want to lose any more weight… I do NOT…but if I continue to gain in strength every week….I am NOT worried about it.

Someone (Perry) said, “Steve why don’t you have 6-pack abs?” He said this because I completed (and still use) the P90x workouts from Beachbody. Well if you’ve read my Blog ….PERRY…you would know that I’ve stated several times that I could have lost more weight had I wanted to do so. I said that I did not want to be a 150 lb fit guy….I much prefer to be 180 lb muscular “fit guy”. But the 6 pack abs are coming….but at my pace…not Perry’s!! :)

BTW - having "6 pack abs" is a function of body fat...the lower your body fat % the more they will show.

Blood Work Re-visited

Question: Ok, Steve, we get it. You are losing weight, you are getting stonger…but what about your heart and blood, what has been the affect from your diet and exercising?

Did you see my blood work results? Below is the link to the previous post.

Results from my doctor visit/blood work.

Weight: 165 lbs (clothed with cell phone, wallet etc) --- LOST 70 lbs!
Blood Pressure: 112 / 67 (lowest ever in the doc’s office!!!!)
EKG: Perfect – yeah! :)
Blood Sugar = 85
( remember my target!! I am truly normal!!! )
Cholesterol = 182
(below 200 is highest rating of “Desirable”)
Triglycerides = 61
( below 150 is highest rating of “Normal”!)
HDL = 65 ( above 60 is highest rating of “protective”)
LDL = 105
(100 and below is optimum, I am “near optimum”)

So… 7 months from being an obese, sedentary garbage disposal…. I am rated highest in every category except for LDL where I am “near optimum”.

** From a review of my blood work I was told, “Steve I see no evidence of obesity nor diabetes.”

I loved hearing that….and I really love sharing it. IF YOU SUFFER from being overweight or diabetes…. PLEASE do something about it. It is a journey you WILL want to take….like all journey’s they all have a “first step”. Your “first step” can be contacting me for assistance.

BG (Blood Glucose) Update – This morning…. I read an “89”…so yes…I am sporting a NORMAL Blood Sugar reading….normal for NON-DIABETICS that is.

U-Can-TOO! Decide.Commit.Succeed

See ya!


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Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

First time I've checked out your blog and you are to be congratulated. Great work on making the lifestyle changes that allowed you to reach these benchmarks. Keep it up:)