Thursday, September 3, 2009

Twin Pillars of Fitness

(I did this in about 10 mins in Excel... neat huh?)

As the beautiful and creative illustration above suggests.…

FITNESS is supported by two pillars….

1) Nutrition
2) Exercise

Test Question: What do YOU have to do to get fit??

Test Answer: Eat nutritiously and Exercise!

Alright! You folks are doing Great! :)

I am trying to illustrate a point…get this straight…

There is no “magic” elixir, no single shake, no magic pill that will make you fit. It will take a conscious effort to eat right and to exercise…no way around it.

No – ifs, ands or buts…. (I really wanted to add another ‘t”…. )

1) Exercise - You must exercise to burn calories, to maintain muscle tone and to accelerate the heart rate…every one needs to do it, regardless of your age, regardless of your weight, regardless of your fitness level….

….EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT! Studies have shown that even elderly people have benefited from weight resistance….sooooo NO EXCUSES! Did you hear that? Hellooooooo.

You know, I know...we all know that we need to exercise…so just do it!!!


NOW GO TAKE A HIKE…seriously…go take a walk…after reading this post of course. :)

2) Next but by NO means second…is MEAL PLAN. Actually, meal plan is THE most important. As several very knowledgeable people have told me…you CAN NOT exercise to fitness alone….FITNESS STARTS IN THE KITCHEN!

I do not like to use the word diet, it has a temporary connotation to it…and it makes me think of a fad or gimmick….you need a long term meal plan change.

You need to find a meal plan that you can live with (pun intended!), I am NOT saying this is the only way to eat but it is certainly a meal plan that EVERYONE can benefit from….Low Glycemic Diet (low carb).

It is the best meal plan for everyone (IMHO), not just diabetics. I am not an expert, I am not a dietitian and I am not a nutritionist…. but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! :)….no wait…GEEZ…what I meant to say is…I have read much and I’ve seen some pretty good results personally. (now that was funny....I don't care who you are!)

When I first was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, my doctor recommended and I read a book on the Low Glycemic Index titled, “The New Glucose Revolution”, sub-titled, “Shoppers Guide to GI Values 2009”. The author is Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller.

Her group has a FREE website where you can learn much …FOR FREE!!!

The book and website I believe saved my life and that may be an exaggeration but
THERE IS NO DOUBT it saved me from much pain and anguish because once I started on the diet…my blood sugar levels began to decrease and I began to wean myself from insulin shots. The Low Glycemic Index and an exercise plan (very slow in the beginning….very slow) combined to eliminate my need for insulin, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications etc etc.

So, if everyone went on the Low Glycemic Diet, I sincerely believe it would change their lives for the better. Carbohydrates convert to sugar in the bloodstream…sugar is a poison, that is why the body has developed a means to deal with it….insulin. If your body does not produce enough insulin or your body is insulin resistant…you suffer from diabetes.

The book is less than $8.00 and it will change your life….if you let it.

Questions….let me know.

Your obedient servant,

Stevie “Wonder” Cooksey
(Not on should be)

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Lara said...

Stevie, you are the man. Going to see if the library has that book today!! Thanks for the great post!! Your fan.... Lara