Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Steve is Buzz Kill?

Once was the time…Steve was the guy that wanted to extend the party. In many cases…extending the party too long…if you know what I mean. I was the one who would try to convince people to move the “party” into the parking lot after the bar/restaurant had closed. Yes it is sad but true....

So I was somewhat surprised the other day when I was all but accused of being…well…a party buzz killer!!!!! Ok, the truth is, the “party” was on Facebook and the discussion was all about drinking and eating for the coming evening. I was trying to convince them to eat low carb know the deal. :)

It was then that I was accused of being…”preachy”. The lady all but called me a “stick in the mud”!!! You know, it wasn’t too long ago that I had been accused of being a “health preacher”….so now I am starting to get a complex… I becoming too “preachy”. Have I become too one dimensional in my thoughts and practices…maybe.

So to change gears somewhat I’d like to talk about rewards…or rewarding yourself for eating nutritiously. I am a firm believer in rewarding yourself when goals have been reached. Pick a goal, work towards it and once achieved…reward yourself.

I LOVE ALL FOODS…that was part of the reason I was in such bad physical shape to begin with…you can’t pick a food that I don’t like. Go ahead...try it...can't can you? Anyway, I’m getting off topic…again. What foods you reward yourself with is up to you, pick something you like.

The reward food I want to talk about today is hot dogs…the good ole “all American” Hot Dog.

I am NOT going to do a “buzz kill” and talk about the negatives…I am going to talk about the positives....their taste!

I was watching a special on the Food Channel (I usually try to stay away from it) and it showed different locations throughout the US. Each city had it's "brand" or predominant style of hot dog. It is surprising to see all the different ways a hot dog can be “made’. They all had one thing in common…well actually two. One, they all contained hot dogs and two they ALL looked tasty!!!

I once worked for an airline and my position required me to travel all over the US. I would primarily stay in or near the airport for the majority of my visits…but I was able to sample hot dogs from all over the US. I honestly loved them all, but….


Pulliams BBQ & Hotdogs, Mark Flynt is the owner. On good days, Mark is a great guy...on bad days....well, he's not a great guy. LOL! Just kidding! He's a cool dude 7 days a week. The address is 4400 Old Walkertown Road, W-S, NC.

I am being completely honest, it is THE BEST DOG on the planet.

The buns are toasted on the grill, fresh onions, slaw and chili. "All the way" is THE only true way to eat a hot dog.... Their BBQ sandwiches are very good as well …they have this hot sauce…folks it is hot but with an unbelievable flavor. The hot dog in the picture above is a "Pulliams Hot Dog".

Adding to the food is the atmosphere of the place….well you can check out the pictures here, in addition Mark has a Facebook page dedicated to the restaurant. They have these tree stumps outside, they double as chairs and can use them while sitting under these huge old trees...the experience is AWESOME!

Do yourself a favor, go to Pulliams…you won’t regret it.

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