Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buddy's a Dumpster Diver & Water Dam!?

Doesn’t he look like such a sweet, polite and well mannered buddy? ….I can’t use the word d-o-g…he doesn’t like it. He’s not too fond of c-a-n-i-n-e either…so we use another, equally accurate word…b-u-d-d-y.

Well, in this picture he does look sweet and innocent. The reason he’s looking that way because he thinks he’s done something wrong and he’s hoping I’ll forget all about it if he sits there well behaved. YES I KNOW that’s what he’s thinking...I used to think the same thing as a child....

Let me back up briefly, we have a garden. In the garden we throw out our organic kitchen waste. The night before, someone had thrown some leftover rolls in the garden so when I took Max out for our group workouts, (Max does the Yoga Relaxation Routine, I do P90X)…he smelled the rolls and proceeded to go and pick them up, take them to a comfortable spot in the shade and eat them. This is something I have scolded him about many times…but he can’t help himself.

I had just finished my set of push ups when I turned around and saw him sitting just like he is in the picture EXCEPT he had this hoagie sized bun hanging from his mouth. I busted out laughing and by the time I returned with a camera…he looked like he does in the picture….I didn’t get back in time.

Max’s does dive into the garden looking for leftover food but he’s NO dumpster diver...which reminds me of another “buddy” I caught Dumpster Diving at work. Would you jump into this dumpster full of movie theater trash, on a 95 degree day…looking for someone’s keys??? And that person was not related to you???? I didn’t think so. :)

Next P90X Round Starts Monday 8/31/09

New Goals

My Overall goal is to increase strength, lose body fat and gain 5 pounds.

To achieve this goal I will do another round of P90X, concentrating on using more weight with less reps.

1) Current Weight Wt 166,
weight goal range 165-170

Summary: The reason I set a “weight goal range”?…I am in unknown, uncharted waters. I probably have 5-10 lbs of body fat I’d like to lose but I want to increase my strength as well….so I am guessing here on what that translates to in weight gain/loss.

FYI – my junior year in high school, I played basketball and I weighed 155-160 lbs….I was lean and mean….but I am not going back that low….

2) Push Ups – Did 41 last week…..let’s make the
push up goal… 54. That seems like a lot to me…but it’s only an additional push up gain per week. Again…I am in uncharted waters.

3) 7 Minute Mile – …same goal....,
run a sub-7 min mile. WATER DAM! Tammy, the boys and I used to listen to a song by Matchbox 20. It had the word damn in the lyrics…so I came up with this thing. Each time “damn” came up, we had to add the word “water” to damn so it would not be cursing….you know….like “water dam” ….whatever! :)

But…back to the goal. WHY IN THE HECK DID I PICK A GOAL LIKE THAT!!!!


I think I told you why….in 10th grade we had to run a 7 minute mile to play basketball…and that was one of the few goals I could actually think of when it came time to “declare your goals” for P90X.

Also, I was jogging at the high school earlier this spring. This guy comes out running laps almost twice as fast as I was….and he appeared to be 5 – 10 years younger. I asked him after he was done what his pace was….he said 6:45…. So I know it can be done.

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