Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Like a “Kitten in a Traveling Cage??!”

Would you believe that I have been described as a “caged lion”??

(can’t go with that?….hmmmm)

How about, Steve has been described as a “rabid dog in a veterinarian overnight cage?”

(can’t deal with that either?…let me see…)

Alright…what about, Steve is like a “baby kitten in one of those travel cage things”….

(Good we can agree on something!…)

Recently I have been described as a “baby kitten, trapped in one of those portable travel cages….”

WHY? You ask.

Because I have not been able to perform my workouts with the zeal nor the zest that I normally perform them. I also have chosen not to jog, sprint or walk Max in the evening. (Max has been PO'd about that...let me tell you!)

Why? you ask.

Because….for over a week now I have been nursing injuries. I went 9 plus weeks without an injury (unless you count a broken finger, LOL!). For about a week I was dealing with a back ailment that has for now disappeared. I completed my workouts for the most part, except for some of the Ab exercises.

In case you missed the post, I injured my back while playing basketball with my son. It had nothing to do with P90X workouts…wait, that isn’t entirely true. Had it not been for P90X…I likely would not have been playing.

My back situation was starting to make me nervous, one day my back would feel better…the next day it would be worse. I was beginning to wonder if it would heal in time to finish P90X. I was really dreading going through the remaining weeks with a nagging back ache that wouldn’t go away. These back problems can be severe and in the past, I’ve actually been incapacitated with them for a day or two.

No doubt about it…I should have rested my back…that would have been the wise thing to do. However, I did perform my exercises using the correct form and I really felt that I wasn’t “pushing the envelope” too much. Regardless, this past Monday morning rolled around and I was feeling 99% healed…I performed my P90X workout, “CHEST AND BACK” and even completed the Ab Ripper X module in its entirety…so I was FINALLY back on track.

I had worked so hard earlier, I was felling a little sleepy and laid down for a short nap. When I woke up, 30 minutes later…I felt as though someone had taken a 2x4 and had beaten me with it. LOL! I even asked Brad (my son) what he had done to me. To be honest…I didn’t really like his nervous response…but for now he’s off the hook. :)

I woke up with a bad pain in my …”left buttock”. I must have twisted my leg while I slept because ever since that nap Monday it has been painful to move the leg AT ALL. It was a sharp pain from inside my leg to hip joint and at times my whole leg seemed to throb.

Originally I thought it was a hip problem but yesterday I determined it was a muscular issue. Since yesterday I’ve been stretching using some of the movements from the Yoga X routine and this morning…it feels much better.

SO for now its….onward and upward!


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