Saturday, August 8, 2009

P90X - Week 11 is….History!

Two Weeks To Go!

Can you believe it!!! For those of you who knew me as the obese, sedentary garbage disposal....raise your hand if you thought back in February that in August I would be two weeks away from completing a challenging fitness program. I did not see any hands....raise them one. Oh yee of little faith. :)

Updates? I am going to Mt. Airy, NC tomorrow so it may be Monday before I’ll be able to do a full goal update. I did do 38 push ups today…a new all time high. For the record, I’ve been able to do 2-3 additional push ups each week. That is the only expected change but we'll see about the mile run.

Shout Out to Someone Who is “Getting it Done”.

Alisha Haas told me last week that she has started exercising and eating “clean”. When we spoke she was down 19 lbs but today she updated me that she was down 21 lbs!!

In a related matter, Perry Kyle stated that he found the 21 lbs that Alisha lost. :) JUST KIDDING! Love ya Perry!

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Healthy Low Carb - Recipe…it’s Awesome!

It is a crab cake recipe but I didn’t have crab meat so I tried the Bumble Bee canned Mackerel…it really is good. The mackerel is only $1.82 per 15 oz can…so it is economical too. I did add a clove of minced garlic and some black pepper, other than that I went by the recipe.

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