Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obesity Subsidies - End them now

Government Needs to End the “Obesity Subsidy”

As a blogger, it is always gratifying to have your opinions validated by a 3rd party.

In this San Francisco Chronicle article,
http://ow.ly/iZg3 it makes the case against governmental subsidies for obesity and I agree. I said as much in this post. http://ow.ly/iZff

According to the article, each taxpayer spends $175 per year to subsidize obesity.

Here’s an excerpt from the Chronicle:

<< We need to tell Congress that we want our tax dollars spent on providing children with healthy meals and teaching healthy eating habits, not treating their obesity-related health conditions down the road. >>

This article did not include farm subsidies to the corn and soybean growers that artificially keep prices low. Cheap corn costs create incentives that make corn syrup more economically attractive as a food additive. More corn syrup equals more sugar to feed the sugar addictions which leads to obesity.

What did you eat today?

Breakfast – 2.5 eggs w/ cheese and collard greens. I mix these all together…(yum, yum)

(Max received the other .5 eggs w/cheese and collards too.)

Snack – meal replacement shake with whey protein

Lunch – Salad with Grilled

Chicken, mushrooms, carrots, squash, cukes, onions and lettuce.

Snack – Small Apple, hand full of pecans and hand full of blueberries

Dinner – (2) Low carb Turkey Burger w/Collard Greens, cheese, onion and tomato. (no

buns, no condiments)

Snack – None…those two burgers filled me up.

Max Does it Again….
Max doesn’t do this every time we leave him alone…but he does it too often. I left him alone and I forgot to put a rubber band around the cabinet doors. So Max opened the door, drug out the trash can, turned it over and…..partied down!

I feel like I need to call the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan about this. :)



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