Friday, August 28, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance friend!

PLEASE remain calm….Steve is continuing his blog…I will continue to post. I’ve just been busy the last week and finding time to provide you with solid, quality content is not as easy as it appears….I know I am fudging a little but work with me here! :)

This lady in China…bless her heart she so looks forward to my post…she’s afraid I’m going to stop….

I've included a video link to Aerosmith's song "Same Old Song And Dance"....why? Because I want to do so. ...oh ...and the title ties in with want I want to talk about today.


2) My old habits of daily consuming empty, high carb foods has been broken.

3) My new habit of eating properly has coincided with my new workout habits...

Together they have created a trend of increasing strength and reducing body

STOP! the same old song and dance......Create new, positive habits today and improve your health and fitness....TODAY!

Just a couple of days ago…I was bragging in a post that I have “managed my weight loss” … blah, blah, blah. I was actually going to talk about weight maintenance in this blog post….and then I weighed this morning…..lost another pound.


…”adding muscle creates a fat burning furnace” talk.

Honestly…I have eaten BIG this week, stuffing myself on both Monday and Tuesday. I have eaten “clean” except for Monday night…I stuffed on pizza. As you probably know, I am diabetic type 2 and I am not taking insulin or meds…so you may be wondering what the heck am I doing eating pizza or more specifically the high carb crust????

1) I have been eating very clean for the last 6 months, which means low carbs.

2) I have been eating SUPER clean the last 90 days, which means very low carbs.

3) My P90X workout was over so I wanted to reward myself.

4) I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to mitigate the full affects of carbs entering the system.

a. Consume Fiber before the meal (or during). This will help slow the assimilation of the carbs in to your system.

b. Add protein to the meal, I added a can of tuna to my pizza. Why? Same as (a.) but it also “dilutes” the carb load (glycemic load) of the meal.

*** The most important thing….the next day I was back on my “clean” eating habits….except that as previously noted, I have been eating more this week.

This is a pic of my Friday is talapia and collard greens....hmmmm good! I cooked the talapia/greens in a pan with water, Texas Pete and Tony Chechere's spices. I also had a handful of pecans and an apple.

Today is Friday and I have worked out all but one day….but I only worked out 20-30 minutes each day (versus an hour plus). I also jogged/sprinted three days this week… but that’s less than 30 minutes a day. I have been utilizing the Fartlek method of jogging /sprinting, jogging/sprinting. I run at an estimated 80% heart rate level for 30 secs and then jog for 60 secs.

SO to summarize this section….I have been eating more, working out but not as much and yet I still lost a pound from last week.

That’s all for today!


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