Sunday, August 16, 2009

P90X Day 84 / 90 - Misc ...talks

With less than a week to go, I look in the mirror and surprisingly…I see myself....wait that wasn't what I was going to I get older my mind wanders more. :)

Where was I...oh yeah, I look in the mirror and I am somewhat satisfied with my progress but I still have a lot of work to do to improve my fitness. It is surprising because if you’d asked me in Feb ’09 what my fitness level would be in Aug ‘09…I would not have guessed I’d be where I am today, that is FOR SURE!

What would I like to Improve? First, I’d like to decrease my body fat percentage and second, I like to increase my muscularity.

Where am I satisfied: Knowing from whence I came. (I love saying that!)

Seriously though, to have been an obese sedentary garbage disposal to a somewhat fit person in 6 months…I am ELATED!!!!

I know what you’re thinking, (I am clairvoyant), Steve why do you call yourself an obese sedentary garbage disposal? Isn’t that redundant? After all….garbage disposals by their very nature are sedentary…they are mounted to the cabinets and plus you have all the plumbing.

That would be a good point and if we were on opposite ends of a debate ...I'd be in a difficult spot. But we're not; it’s my blog and I like writing the term “obese, sedentary garbage disposal” …so I will continue. :)

Goal Updates – Down Hill Track – Both ways????

I’ll do a full update in tomorrow’s post, I’ve got to run a test mile. But just to give you a mini-update, all my goals are good except one, the sub 7 minute mile. I did do 40 push ups yesterday… woohoo!

In order to run a 7 minute mile…I’ve come to the conclusion that I will need to run the mile….DOWN HILL…so I’m trying to find a track or tract that is one mile and is all down hill. Six months ago, I could have probably rolled down a steep one mile long hill in under 7 minutes….today….don’t think so.

So...I'm thinking about going to Mt. Mitchell for the final test next weekend....there...I think I've got a chance. :) What??? No one said "where" I had to run a mile and no one stated the "grade" of the track? LOL!

Just a thought….but I could try to find my dad’s path to his elementary school….you know the one he had to walk uphill to school!!! I could run down it…no that won’t work…it was uphill…both ways. LOL! Oh yeah, AND it snowed on that road every school day....

That is all for today….eat clean and take a HIKE!


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