Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Like it HOT!

GOAL UPDATE (10 weeks down, 3 to go)

Today is Sunday, a rest day …day 70 of 90

  1. BMI = Normal : ACCOMPLISHED! (wt 168)
  2. 32” jeans : ACCOMPLISHED!, I can wear 29’s.
  3. 30 Push Ups : ACCOMPLISHED! ** completed 35 today with Tammy as my witness.

    Up from 32 last week!!!!
  4. Beat sons in Basketball : ACCOMPLISHED!

  5. 7 Minute Mile – Last week I ran an 8:19 mile, my back is still bothering me, did not attempt to run a mile today. It has now been a week since I’ve done the Tabata sprints.

Some Like it HOT!
…some do not.


1) Tammy (my wife) does not like spicy hot foods.

2) Tammy is well aware that I cook spicy hot foods including chili on a regular basis.

3) She knows that we are growing Chili plants.


Given the facts above…if you were Tammy, would you walk into the kitchen in the middle of meal preparation and pop one of these into your mouth????

I wouldn't either....and do you know what?

Tammy won't do it again! :)

These are Hababero Peppers...they rank between 100,000 to 300,000 on the Scoville Scale.

Just for a frame of reference Jalepenos top out @ 8,000 Scoville units and Cayennes @ 50,000... SO THESE ARE HOT PEPPERS!

The peppers stayed in her mouth for only a second, still Tammy whined and her eyes teared up...she started drinking a rookie. She should know that drinking will not do the trick. In this case, you should eat bread or other food that will "soak" up the plant oils.

Thirty minutes later she was still complaining about the pain. LOL! ... I mean, bless her heart.

FYI - I put the tip of a pepper to my was pretty extreme.

Max the Magnificent

Max provides me with amusement and entertainment on a daily basis. This is a picture of Max on our bed. If you knew the ins, outs and what-have-yous, this picture would tell you that Tammy is NOT in the house.

If Tammy is in the house...he will not jump up on our bed under ANY circumstances.

When the cat's away...the mice will play.

I guess he figures...what she doesn't know...won't hurt HIM! :)

Take Care,


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