Friday, August 21, 2009

Chin Ups on a WWI Statue---WHY?

"Firsts" that you just never forget...

- Your First Love – I can’t remember her name but she was HAWT! LOL! (just kidding!)

- Your First Car – I sold my ’72 Camaro for $800 on a trade in for a Toyota Tercel.….and yes I will never, EVER forgive myself!

- Birth of Your First Child, yes I was there…although I did play in the golf league later that night…

- First Wild Mushroom Trip - ok, I’ve never tried wild mushrooms but Tony Soprano made we want to try it after watching that episode of the Sopranos….

- Your First P90X ROUND!!!! Another Tony.....Tony Horton and Perry Kyle talked me into this one. I am glad they did. I watched the infomercials for a long time and wondered what it would be like, could I do it? Did I have the drive and determination to complete it?

The answer....YES I DO!

As I type this on Friday, I only have the YOGA X workout left to do on Saturday. So it "ain’t" over …but it is almost over. I kind of feel like I do when I go to the beach on vacation…the last night you DREAD the next day because you know it’s over and you have to go home.

P90X Comment: It has not been easy…but once your body gets used to the increase in activity…it really did become “routine”….almost. :)

*** The picture to the right is a picture of Brad and one of his High School buddies..... no wait...I'm sorry...that's me. Wow, how did I make that mistake..... :)

This is the famous "penny" statue. I'd never heard of it either...I thought I was the only one who had not heard of it. I was doing some "fancy" photography, taking a picture of our reflection...impressive if I do say so myself. :)

*** Steve's Round 1 P90X Update

Final pictures, measurements and goal update will be Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on my schedule for the weekend.


Major props go out to Alicia and Christopher Haas – they have lost 27 and 18 lbs respectively.


They are on their way to "getting fit"!!!!! If you know them…encourage them to keep it up!

My Son (Brad) and I went to Charlotte the other day….

Here are some pictures. I’ll be honest with you….I am not one to go to downtown areas of cities unless I have a specific reason to do so...and I did this day.

While we were there we walked around the downtown area. Even on a hot August day it was still enjoyable.

The picture on the left is a WWI memorial and the picture on the right is of Martin Luther King.

Brad decided on a whim to jump up and hold onto the soldier's rifle. Luckily it didn't bend or break. There were security cameras everywhere, I think this was on the Federal Reserve grounds....

Why would someone try to do a "chin up" on a brass WWI statue?????

Oh Well...until we meet again,


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