Saturday, August 15, 2009

P90X Day 83 & Week 12 Are History!!!

Only 1 “Recovery Week” Remains….

DO NOT PANIC ----the blog will continue! I had one lady who became sooo consumed with despair when she thought the blog would be ending....well just look at her....bless her heart. :)

My "Fitness Quest" will, of course, not end with P90X. I will likely take a week or two off and then begin another session, but as I said, the BLOG WILL CONTINUE!

The weeks have been going by quicker and quicker now that I am near the end. I am guessing it’s because my body is adjusting to the physical activity. Don’t get me wrong…it is still difficult; as you become stronger you should perform more reps or add more weights to your workouts…and I do.

One of the big selling points with P90X is that the workouts change and work different parts of the body daily. Beachbody calls this “muscle confusion”. The main purpose of “muscle confusion” is to prevent the “plateau effect” which can occur if you perform the same or similar exercises over a period of time.

To lose weight or to “get fit”… you need to do two things, it truly is simple…

“Push Play Every Day” and “Bring It!”

…it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

When I say “Push Play” I am talking about playing the P90X workout DVDs but your workout could be ANY exercise or physical activity that stimulates the muscles, your lungs and heart. How much you need to stimulate your lungs and heart depends on your current fitness condition.

Eats – My Meal Plan Yesterday - Still Eating MUCH but it’s all “clean”.

Breakfast – 2.5 eggs, small tomato and 1/3 can of collard greens

Early Lunch – meal replacement shake & whey protein

Late Lunch – meal replacement shake & whey protein

Dinner – Salmon Patties & Salad – I have a very healthy recipe.

Snack – Tomato, Apple and Pecan Nuts

Here is my breakfast of 2.5 eggs, greens and a tomato…..hmmmm good! :)

TTFN! (ta ta for now.)


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