Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The doctor visit Tuesday, 5/26/09

YeeeeHaaah! - Much to tell today and it is all good.

Just returned from the doctor’s office, to the right is a picture of my “stat sheet”, for those of you who knew the “old” Steve AND DON'T BELIEVE HE LOST 31lbs. If you can’t read it, it shows my official weight is 181 and my blood pressure as 122 / 70. My blood pressure has been as low as 105/58, the day I received that reading I ran home and looked it up on the net to make sure I was ok.....I was. :)

What up? Not my HbA1C reading. The pic to the right shows my HbA1C test result to be….drum roll 5.8% which is very good news.

Non-diabetic folks have HbA1C tests in the 4.5-6% range….which means I am in the “normal range”. Now be honest, how many of you thought of me as ….normal. :)

My doctor told me that the day I went into the hospital, my test was so high, it wouldn't measure. The HbA1C measures your blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period....this shows that Steve has been a very good boy.

My doctor was glad to see the results of course and he said that I didn't need to measure my sugar everyday but to check it periodically. I thanked him and he said, "don't thank me, you did it". I told him that the hope he had given me early on and the Low Glycemic Diet referral were keys to my success. All of this almost makes up for the fact that he's a NCSU grad...almost. :)

I have had so many requests for the Low Glycemic diet book I used (ok, one person asked) that I thought I would list it here. This author (Jennie Brand-Miller) and her team of experts have written numerous books on the subject but here is the book I read, “The New Glucose Revolution, Shoppers GI Values 2009”. The GI stands for Glycemic Index, they have a website with a lot of free info, their website is http://www.glycemicindex.com/.

If you have any questions, do NOT hesitate to call or email me.

Lastly, I spoke to my doctor about P90X workouts – he said that it would be fine for me to do the workouts, just don’t over do it etc.

All in all, not a bad day. Getting ready for my Day2 adventure with P90X.



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