Sunday, May 24, 2009

Challenges - there are never problems, only challenges.

Bottom Line – Learn from my mistakes – when starting a training program, start out slowly and stretch properly before and after working out. (thus ends the public service announcement)

About (6) years ago, I was talking to a co-worker who was training for the Boston Marathon and I told him, "yeah, I'm thinking about jogging again, to train for a marathon". At the time I weighed 206 lbs which for me is a lot, I’m 5’10”.

He looked me dead in the eye and said, "Steve, I don't think your frame can handle jogging, you need to start out walking first."  I thought to myself, "what the hell, you jack a$$, I'm an athlete. Sure, an overweight athlete, but I can jog if I damn well want to, you don’t know who you’re talking to”.

So, I told him, “oh, ok, thanks for the advice.”

I mention this story because every time I injure myself I think about that moment. I have thought about that moment more often the last (3) months than I have the last (6) years.


1) With in the first week after returning home, I had a minor challenge. I hurt my back, I don't know what happened, all I know was...I couldn't move without severe pain. A visit to the doctor and some "real good" meds and I was up and working out the next a lower level of exertion.

2) I am telling the truth here for the first time. I suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee. It happened because I started jogging way too soon into my program. I should have walked for weeks....but I'm sorry I can't! Walking is BORING! Walking is for those who are "out of shape", who are not athletes. See the denial? It’s the same denial that Michael Jordan and Brett Favre went through…the very same thing. LOL!

So anyway, I was jogging and I felt a sharp pain in my knee, I instantly thought of what my co-worker told me (6) years earlier. I didn't want to hear, "Steve, you should know you are too fat to run." so I told a small, tiny, "story" about how I was walking when it happened.

 Long story short, I did not stop jogging (ran at least five days a week). My doctor gave me a knee brace as treatment and eventually the pain went away...the weight loss helped I think. :) I was fortunate, not all meniscus tears are of the healing variety.

3) Lost my job – WOW! this was important in many aspects. One, I was fighting depression from the diabetes diagnosis and then on top of that…a month later I lose my job?! In this economy?!? It was “all hands on deck”, let’s stay focused and motivated….keep our eye on the prize. “Our eye”, you know… me, myself and Steve. Steve knows what Bo knows.

The challenges I faced are minor compared to the challenges that many people face on a daily basis. Challenges like breathing, walking etc, we should be thankful for the blessings we have.



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