Sunday, May 31, 2009

What the heck is normal? (another goal reached)

 Woke up this morning….tired…sleepy…SORE, not as sore as previous days but sore nonetheless. I go into the bathroom and disrobe. That’s right, that means going nude, taking all my clothes off ...Danny (you know who you are).

 I do this every morning right before I weigh….I weighed 176 lbs!!!!

 One-hundred and seventy-six pounds, which is 56 lbs from my all time high in Dec ‘08, 36 lbs from my weight the day I discharged from the hospital, 2/15/09. This weight is important for ONE VERY IMPORTANT REASON which I will disclose later…(to keep you reading).

Goal Planning – I told folks that 190 lbs was my goal and it was, but it was just an intermediate goal. I flew or took a swan dive passed that pretty quickly. My next goal became 180 lbs, this one took some doing. I stayed in the 180-185 range for weeks, which is one of the reasons I signed up for P90X, despite all the running and light workouts, I was having trouble obtaining and maintaining a sub 180 lb weigh in…I had reached the dreaded “PLATEAU”.

Well, it took 7 days but today, Sunday, May 31, 2009 – I finally reached my TRUE WEIGHT GOAL, 176 lbs. Was it P90X ? It gave me a renewed determination that's for sure. Could I have done it without P90X? Of course, absolutely, positively…but with it, it took me one week to blow past a weight barrier that had eluded me thus far.

Side Note: Losing weight is not magic, it’s a matter of science (or math), take in less than you burn and you will lose weight. Consume 3,500 less calories than you burn and you’ll lose a pound. There are calculators that will help you estimate how many calories you “burn” at rest as well as while you exercise. You can approximate what your daily caloric intake needs to be to lose (1) pound a week. I’ll provide them in a later post.

 WHY IS One hundred and seventy-six pounds Sooooo important.

Drum roll please…. I had used BMI calculators to determine that at 176 lbs I am no longer “overweight”!!! TADA!

Using BMI calculators at my all time high of 232 lbs, I was technically…obese. I know what many of you are thinking….but Steve you still looked sooo good. LOL! About the only living creature that I would have looked good to, maybe a female walrus…but with the thinning hair…I doubt even that.

The day I was discharged from the hospital I weighed 212 lbs, I was borderline obese. But today, using the calculators deemed worthy by the medical establishment….I am not obese, heck, I am not even “overweight” …once again I have achieved the status of “normal”. I have not seen this weight since June ’00

Hey, thanks for hanging in and reading this post! If you have NOT read the earlier posts, please do. I’m told they were entertaining and in some cases, informative. 

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