Monday, June 1, 2009

When is a Curse....a Blessing?

Goals Accomplished

1) Battle with Diabetes - I am battling to contain my enthusiasm…believe it or not. I am struggling to not tell you the whole truth…I don’t want to jinx myself. I feel like I am playing with "house money" and if I tell it, I'll lose it.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, on Tuesday, 5/26/09, I had my blood work tested and my A1C came in at 5.8 %, which is in the range of non-diabetics.

What I didn’t tell you is…my doctor said, “I don’t think you are diabetic any longer”.

I fought Diabetes Type 2 – and won! Goal Accomplished!

2) Weight Loss Battle – I wanted to lose enough weight to have a “normal” BMI reading – weighed 176 lbs 5/31/09. Goal Accomplished!

3) No more Cholesterol nor Hypertension Medications - Cholesterol and Blood Pressure readings are all in the normal range. Goal Accomplished!

What is the common thread that runs through each of these --- weight loss.

* Folks don’t wait until you take an ambulance ride to the hospital to decide to lose weight and to “get fit”.

** Do a little more today; than you did yesterday. (Even if it’s only a few more steps)

*** On my first post-hospital doctor’s visit, my doctor told me, “Steve, you need to use this as an opportunity to lose weight and to get into shape. I know it seems bad now, but if you lose weight and exercise, it’s possible to reduce some of your meds. This event may turn out to be a blessing, if you decide to change your lifestyle.”

Question: Looking back, was my ambulance ride a curse or was it a blessing?

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