Friday, June 26, 2009

Steve's on Drugs!?

Steve isn’t following the P90X diet/nutrition plan ….strictly.

Side Note: I enjoy writing about myself in 3rd person…it makes me feel impotent…er…I mean important, you know like those sports stars. Wait, I don’t mean that I am impotent like sports stars, I don’t take steoids. I have never thought about buying Viagra..wait, ok I did think about buying it but I didn't and I do not need it.

LOOK! Before this rumor gets started and spreads ALL over the internet, Steve is NOT on steroids, Steve is not impotent.

I know, I know what you are thinking….”But Steve, how can you lose weight and gain such large muscles…soo fast? “ “Say it ain’t so Steve”.

Ok, I’ll say it one more time, “it ain’t so”, “I, Steve Cooksey of sound mind and (super sound) body do hereby claim that I am not taking any banned substances.” LOL! I AM JUST KIDDING! I have a long way to go to have a sound body…just kidding GEESH!

On a serious note, back in ’00 I was working out on my Bowflex (before it became a coat rack) and I took an ephedrine based product…my heart started racing…it really scared me….I mean REALLY SCARED ME. I guess drinking a pot of coffee and taking the equivalent of speed isn’t good for you. :)

Really Seriously….getting back to bidness----I have not been following the P90X nutrition plan.

Look, I was hospitalized essentially for being a sedentary garbage disposal….so I studied real hard about what to eat and what not to eat plus I have this Diabetes “thang” hanging over my head…so you know…I know how to eat right.

The diet plan I have been following:

  • eat often
  • eat food groups daily (each meal if possible)
  • eat smaller amounts
  • eat real “clean” (no heavy starches, nothing fried nor breaded).

Unfortunately, this isn’t working for me. I weigh in each morning … I weighed 172 lbs….I lost another pound so far this week!!!! At this rate, in 3.36 years I will cease to exist!

Before you start in on me, NO…I HAVE NOT BEEN RUNNING, thus far this week I’ve logged -0- miles jogging, only doing the P90X workouts for exercise.

I am officially going to correct this weight loss…..

1) I am going to follow the P90X nutrition guide
2) I am going to maintain a food journal for the next several days.

FYI - This morning I had a ½ cup of All Bran cereal (yum yum), ½ cup of skim milk, a tomato and 1 1/2 grilled chicken breasts (I estimate that Max ate .5 grilled chicken breasts). For my early lunch I will eat a meal replacement shake and a scoop of whey protein. For my late lunch I will have chicken breast, beans, spinach and cool clear water.

Hey! Have a great and safe weekend.


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