Sunday, June 21, 2009

P90X Week 4 Update

Steve Update - 6/21/09 - Week 4 is “In the books”

Goal Update with 4 weeks down and 9 weeks to go!!!

Note: These goals were created on June 2nd after preliminary goals had been achieved.

1. Maintain BMI Reading of Normalaccomplished

weight range 173-176 as measured first thing each morning. My goal was not to “achieve it and forget it”, it was a goal to maintain it for as long as I live.

This morning I reached a new low, 173 lbs. I will have to increase my calories, I do not want to lose any more weight….

2. Do 30 Push Ups ConsecutivelyI did 21 today…I am feeling good about being able to accomplish this goal.

3. Run 7 Minute Mile – this one is going to be TOUGH! I ran an 8:42 minute mile today versus 8:53 last week. I improved 11 secs from previous week but that won’t get it done.

4. Beat my sons in basketball - no update. Please don’t tell them…but barring an injury I am NOT worried about this one.

5. 32” Jeans – I have not tried on any jeans since I made it a goal three weeks ago. On that day I put the 33” jeans on and they fit snugly. I had already lost a lot of weight, so I really thought it would take awhile to lose another pant size.

Today, I put on the 33” jeans, they were feeling loose…so I thought “what the heck, let’s try the 32” jeans. WOW! I CAN WEAR 32” JEANS!!! I thought maybe these are stretched so I tried a pair of 32” corduroys, I could wear them as well!! And better yet, there was still some room in the jeans.

Next, I tried on my son’s 30” jeans. They were tight…but I buttoned them up. I could wear 30” JEANS!!!

SO, goal accomplished!!! but for the record, I have to maintain this until my 90th day.

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