Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mishmash of Stuff ---sounds like a good stew...

It’s Sunday so this also marks the end of another P90X week!!!

*Five weeks down and with eight to go!

If you knew me in Jan ‘09, would you have thought that in June you’d be reading a health/fitness blog written by me? (I have to laugh at the thought of that.) I was like Mikey in the old cereal commercial…”hey, give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything”.

*** I CAN NOT FIND ANY PICS OF ME when I was obese…if you have ANY PICS please let me know. For some reason, I'm not quite sure why but I wasn’t posing for many pics when I was 230+ pounds. This reminds me,

....there was a Mexican restaurant that had great food but I stopped going there unless others insisted. They had these full length exterior windows and as I walked in from the parking lot…I could see myself in the reflection and I would be disgusted at what I saw….not so disgusted as to not stuff myself on high fat food however.

This was the same restaurant where I ordered and ate two lunches. It’s along story…I ordered them for “the table" but no one else wanted the 2nd lunch….you know, waste not want not. Wait...that’s not an excuse…I WAS A GLUTON! Said it! Experts say that realizaton is the first step to recovery. :)

FYI – I thought I would “sprinkle” some marketing insights in my posts, you know… so you receive a balanced diet of data/input….my single largest page view day was June 24th. The page’s title>>> “XXX- maX’s p90X piX”.

Not that this is a real shocker…but it beat the next highest by @ 50%. The page with the 2nd highest number of page views had a title of “Totally Nude Before and After Pics”…LOL!....hhmmmm I guess sex does sell…. And all this time, I thought it was the great literary value that was “pulling in” the readers. :)

So…I am thinking about changing the focus of the blog to “nutrition and fitness for the Porn industry”. …just kidding!! I called the porn industry association, unfortunately they weren’t interested.


Here is a pic I left out from the P90X Day 30 pics. I didn't want to scare people away but today I said, "what the heck". As you can see I was sucking in my stomach here and attempting to pump up what little muscles I have.


Completed Kenpo X yesterday, it is a cardio workout that utilizes boxing/martial arts moves so there is kicking and punching mixed into this low impact workout. The only set that I don’t do are the jumping jacks, I can do them but it puts stress on my knees. Given my history of knee issues, I substitute another activity when these come up.

That is important to remember, there will likely be exercises that you will not be able to do (not matter what your workout is) …but that is ok, you can substitute exercises that you can do.

Regardless of your workout, if you walk, if you jog, P90X....regardless...


Peace out!


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