Saturday, June 20, 2009

Political Soapbox - Independence Day

Everyone should know by now, people are being killed and tortured in the pursuit of freedom in Iran. I just saw a news report, acid was being dropped from helicopters on to the demonstrating citizens. I’m afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better over there.

We Americans don’t know how fortunate we are, we take for granted the freedom of the press and the liberty to pursue happiness. I know I have taken them for granted.

Everyone needs to take a moment to reflect and to appreciate the rights and freedoms we do have. As our annual Independence Day holiday approaches, we need to be mindful and aware that these freedoms that we have grown accustomed to, won’t last forever…we all need to take steps to make sure they last for at least our lifetime. It wouldn’t take much, if we all took small steps, our collective actions would have a HUGE impact!

Common question is, "What can I do?".

1. Educate yourself, know the differences in the parties and candidates. Don't just read political propaganda, dig deeper than the Democrat or Republican "talking points".
2. Vote in the next election.
3. Communicate your opinions with others via conversation, emails etc.
4. Attend political party meetings at the precinct or county level.

Small steps CAN have a big impact if enough people take them.

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