Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day to ALL!

Father’s Day is obviously a “father appreciation day”, a day when we thank or show appreciation to our dads for all that they have done for us. But like Mother’s Day, it is also a day for each of us, a day for all the children.

For children, the gift on Father’s Day is the warm feeling you get when you do the right thing, when you make that call to show you care.

If your dad has passed, spend a few minutes remembering special times. Make sure you write these down as well as tell these stories to your children. If it doesn’t mean anything to them today, it will some day.

I will never forget reading some old letters my grandfather had written to my great grandmother. It’s a long story but my grandfather was in an orphanage during the depression and the letters he wrote my great grandmother brought tears to my eyes as I read them.

If you haven’t made that call to your father….it is not too late, make it now.


When I called my father on Father’s Day, he was getting ready for church. He told me he was getting ready to take his pills for hypertension and cholesterol. Dad, like me a few months ago is overweight. Despite my best attempts over the last few months, he hasn’t done anything about his problem. On Father’s Day morning, I don’t “nag him” about his weight when he mentions that he’s taking pills, I just let it pass. I’ll nag him next week when I see him.


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