Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Now, Brown Cow?

I need some new goals….

Numero uno (that’s Spanish for #1) – to maintain a BMI reading not to exceed “normal”, I ain’t back sliding this time, in addition....

...as part of the P90X routine/system you set goals for yourself, goals you expect to accomplish after your 90 days are completed.

Goal Tending Time:

1) To do 30 push ups, consecutively – not in a day or week. :) I don’t believe I’ve ever done 30 push ups at one time. Just so you know, before I started P90X, I strained to do 7…so I have a ways to go.

2) Run a 7 minute mile - given my age and the condition of my joints, I really don’t know if this is possible. When I was jogging for distance, I ran early miles in the 11 – 12 minute range, 10.5 minute mile was the best I could do.

The reason I chose this goal? In junior high, we had to run a sub-7 minute mile to make the basketball team. So if I did it when I was 15….I can do it when I’m 48….right????

3) BEAT MY SONS IN BASKETBALL! I had to add this goal, when my weight climbed into the 220’s and 230’s, I would still attempt to play my sons in basketball….and they would win (imagine that!).

By the way, I beat Perry in basketball when I was near my heaviest, so even when I was my most sedentary, most slovenly, most slug-like (you get the idea)

…I still beat him “like a bad step-child”. Beating or continuing to beat Perry isn’t a goal....it’s too easy…there’s no challenge to it. Goals need to challenge you, to inspire you to improve. Beating Perry just doesn’t qualify…maybe my goal will be to not let him score....

4) Last and final goal – to fit into 32” jeans. By my senior year in high school, I was wearing 32" jeans ….that is enough of a goal right now. Currently, I can squeeeeze into 33’s so wearing 32’s isn’t much of a stretch, but remember…I’ve already lost all the weight I want to lose. I want to gain strength from here on out.

What’s that…you don’t think I can wear 33’s….ok, you think that is B.S. well here’s pictures to prove it.….

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