Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“Don’t Taze Me Bro! ....AAARgh!” LOL!

Remember the guy who was interrupting a speaker at the University of Florida. He caused such a ruckus that the campus security was called and he was eventually tasered.

Below is the link, he says the infamous Don’t taze me bro!” at the 1:50 mark.

….don’t ask me why but I love this video. I guess it’s because the guy got what was coming to him. He wanted attention…and he got it plus some, he also got “the juice”. LOL!

Ignoring good nutrition and fitness is similar to this situation, at least in my case’s how.

1) He knew what he was doing was wrong….but he did it anyway. Just like I knew that eating toooo much animal fat, bad carbs and not exercising was wrong.

2) He ignored the warning signs of the campus security guards’ tazers being un-holstered, which was similar to me ignoring the signs of my poor health…my 3rd chin for starters.

3) When the time came for him to pay for his error, he acted surprised that something like this could happen to him. Despite my poor health habits, my first thought was “how could this happen to me?!”.

We can ALL improve our fitness by following the AHA’s MINIMUM recommendations.

**** Latest recommendations from the American Heart Association, all adults (18-65) should be getting at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days of the week.

Now live long and prosper but above all...."DON"T TAZE ME BRO".

Side note: have you heard about ?

It is a cool site, you can create your own playlists. Click on the link below for mine. It’s mostly ACDC, Stones and some Skynyrd with a few others thrown in. I had forgotten about “Last Kiss” from Pearl Jam, a remake …but a good one IMHO.

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