Saturday, June 27, 2009

Health Preacher??

Health Preacher….hmmmph!

I was recently called a “health preacher”….I don’t think it was meant as a compliment …but I’m going to take it as one. :)

In this post…I am going to do some preaching. (no offense to preachers intended)


I keep seeing an ad for Nutrisystem’s meal system for those people diagnosed with Diabetes, I think they call it Nurtrisystem /D. I should tell you that I have not personally tried the meals, but from what I am told they are tasty but expensive. I looked into Nutrisystem as a possible solution to my situation at one time. Their meals are healthy and I know at least some of their meals were GI tested (Glycemic Index) and they rated very well. So other than their cost, I have nothing negative to say about their product.

Some people may need the structure that Nutrisystem provides. Who knows, if I’d tried their product a year ago, maybe I would not have had my health problems.

But I do want folks to know that there is a more cost effective way of eating right and losing weight.

A much cheaper option would be to:

1) Purchase a book on the Glycemic Index, The book I bought cost less than $8. “The New Glucose Revolution“ by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller. Follow their dietary instructions. I know it is tough to change eating habits but you can do it. …not to get on my soapbox…but if I can do it…anyone can do it. JUST DO IT! You’ll be eating vegetables , beans, lean meats and whole wheat products. You should limit drinking sodas / soft drinks / sports drinks or at least drink artificially flavored versions.

2) Exercise! I know it’s tough but start out walking as much as you can, 15 mins if that’s all you can do. The next day walk 20 mins, the next day 30 mins. Etc etc.

When I was just starting out, I walked/ran further each day than the previous day.
In some cases, it may have only been 20 yards…heck, walk to the next mail box, do that every day….walk to the next mailbox and then the next.

I believe that it is VERY important to the mental aspect of this process. Each day, you can tell yourself you are getting stronger and fitter. Each day you are improving. Each day you are doing more to improve your health than the last.

Just do this everyday (or at least 4-5 days a week) and before long, you’ll see a real difference, especially if you are abiding by the nutritional plan above. Give this a week or two and ONCE YOU START TO SEE RESULTS, IT WILL BE MUCH EASIER TO CONTINUE!

*** I was getting ready to hit “publish” on this post and I thought of something else that is important…this blog. I had lost the vast majority of my weight before I started this blog...but I know that it helps to keep me motivated especially when it comes to the P90X program….do you think I want to quit after having gone this far…posting my pics etc. NO WAY. Or worse yet….how about posting pics that are WORSE than the pics before, showing that I was getting fatter…..THAT AIN’T HAPPENING BROTHER! LOL! I may end up not having the body I want…but I am NOT going to be heavier. If I have to fast while hiking to the top of Mt. Mitchell…I am not going to be heavier.

The point to all this being…if anyone would like to start a blog just contact me and I will help you get it set up. It really is relatively simple.

Steve Cooksey

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