Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 30 - P90X Pics

Hello all...it doesn't seem like the P90X journey began 30 days ago...but it did.

As you view these pics, keep in mind that I had already been working out for a little over three months and had been jogging up to 10.5 miles at a time when the pics on the left were taken.

I am back to jogging now, I did not jog the first two weeks of P90X. Now that I am back jogging, I've cut my miles in half. I have noticed a huge benefit to this, the joints in my back, legs and feet are feeling much better.

In talking with some of the experienced trainers, they tell me that the first month your body is building muscle while it adjusts to the increased activity. The second and especially the third month is when the bulk of the fat loss occurs. I've noticed one thing that I was told is holding true for me. They told me that you will be able to see more fat loss early on your back. Most people do not have a high % of fat on their upper back, so when the fat begins to burn, your more lean areas will show it first. If you look at my upper back photo, it does seem to be the leanest area.

To reiterate this point, he told me that your body does not "spot burn fat", fat is lost in layers. This means, if you do stomach exercises, you will not lose stomach fat. To lose stomach fat, you will need to lower your overall body fat percentage. I had heard this from other fitness folks as well.

More to come, take care and good night.


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