Sunday, June 7, 2009

End of Week (2), Day 14 of P90X

This is going to sound….odd….or maybe not., we’ll see. My first week on P90X was….well…exciting. Each day we “opened up” a new work out and the anticipation as to what grueling workouts awaited us was …exciting.

The reason I thought this may seem “odd” coming from me, I normally don’t get excited unless there’s $4.99 all you can eat fried chicken dinner at Bojangles….Ok, that’s not entirely true, any All-u-can-eat or All-u-can-drink specials usually would get me excited.

The first week, in a sense was like opening up a different birthday present each day for a week. There will be no new workouts until week (4), so the second week was much different (as week (3) will be), there were no hidden surprises around the corner. As Tony Horton (the instructor) says, “do your best, and forget the rest”.

Someone who is a stranger to the workouts might expect them to be easier week 2…they are not. I do believe I am somewhat stronger but that only means that I am able to do more weights or reps or both.

It truly is a tough workout and if it isn’t…you ain’t lifting enough weights or doing enough reps.

Goal Update:

30 Push Ups - Saturday I was able to do 11 push ups which is more than the 7 originally…some progress.

7 Minute Mile – I was EXCITED on Sunday (today) - I ran a sub-9 minute mile at the high school track. It was my rest day, so I only ran the one mile.

To be honest, I had gas left in the tank and possibly could have gone lower. After two weeks of P90X…I am feeling somewhat confident that a 7 minute mile is doable with 76 days to go…only time will tell..



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