Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Shitake Mushrooms hit the FAN!?

.....a little bit.

I was convinced Tammy wasn’t reading my blog….why? Because she would ask me questions and the answers were in the blog. She was either not reading the blog or she was not reading for comprehension.

I ASSUMEd that she was not reading the blog and I decided to make some comments about her cooking abilities and choice of cooking implements….. you know…to poke fun at her.

I POKE FUN at myself in this blog…so no harm, no foul….right? I erred somewhere in my reasoning. Within hours of posting “Tammy’s Magic Toaster”, (I can’t type the words without snickering), we passed each other in the hall. She looked at me and said, “shut up”.

Couple of things:

1) It is not totally unusual for us to communicate in this way.
2) We were both in a hurry with other things on my minds at the time.

…so I continued with what I was doing. Later that evening, Tammy says, “I read your post about Tammy’s Magic Toaster. I guess you think that’s funny?”

The first thing that came to mind was to say, “yeah, that’s why I wrote it.”…but I decided not to say that. The second thing that came to mind…”Don’t taze me bro”!

I asked her how she found out...I had made another error. Apparently I had made the post and then walked away from the computer. Tammy said, “you better be careful what you leave up on your computer”. (in a smart-alecky tone…)

I said, “I guess I do.” (in a smart-alecky tone…) LOL!

She wasn’t really mad anyway…I told her I’d remove it but she said to just leave it on there….so all is well. Whew! That could have gotten ugly!!! :)


Before I drop this subject entirely…if you know me, you know I can’t let something die, I have to kick a dead horse a few times to make sure he’s dead…

To the right is an actual picture of “Tammy’s Magic Toaster”, I wanted to post this for posterity.

I can see the boys reviewing this website after we’re gone. They will be thinking about all the meals their mother had prepared for them on the toaster and all the wonderful smells it created in the kitchen. The conversation might go like this...

Brad: “Alex, do you remember that Pumpernickel Toast she made in ’03? Man that was good!?

Alex: “Yeah, but what about the Whole wheat blueberry waffles in ’08…now that was something special, she really knew how to work that toaster.”….

Brad: “but what about the time she tried to cook the soup...”

Alex interrupted: “ Don’t bring that up! I told you I never want to talk about that EVER!”

Brad: “ok,ok…all this talk of food has made me hungry. I’m going to fix me some French Toast in the toaster, want some?”

L8r h8r,

Steve “Seve” Cooksey

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