Saturday, July 25, 2009

Connecting with My Primal Self?

P90X - Kenpo X workout for Saturday – Day 61/90

I have Kenpo X tomorrow, a lot of punching and kicking going on. I get to act like Bruce Lee and George Foreman. :)

Many P90X’ers love Kenpo X, as I do. But like with anything, if you look hard enough you will find people who say that “Kenpo X is easy” or “Kenpo X isn’t that difficult”… I sweat profusely each time I do it so I find those comments difficult to understand.

Why? Tony Horton (fitness guru, P90X creator and DVD Instructor) mentions this statement at least once in all of his DVD’s…”intensity is the key, you have to bring it”…but that is true for ALL EXERCISES. The term, “no pain, no gain” is based on “bringing intensity”, pushing yourself to do more reps and / or use heavier weights. You can choose the toughest workout and if you slack off in reps or in weight, you can say “it’s easy” or “not that tough”.

When I do Kenpo X, I intensify the workout as much as possible but I do that for each workout. When Kenpo X starts, I will typically do extra reps and take less breaks early…but before it’s over, I am hitting the pause button. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a workout without having to hit the pause button a couple of times.

Point is : No matter what you do…”bring it” and intensify as needed.

Max is happy, can you tell? He knows it is "walk time".

Lastly, for example : Last night I was taking Max for a walk and as he gets older…his pace is slowing and he likes to spend more time “smelling” than walking. Where we walk there are benches and I alternated doing push ups and chair dips at each bench. It gave me a little extra calorie burn and gave Max the time he needed to enjoy himself. I made it a win/win.

Tabata Sprints Update

I started slowly on Monday with one partial Tabata Sprint. But Tuesday, Thursday and tonight (Friday) I did two full Tabata Sprints and I have to tell you…I really enjoy them. Yes, they are tough but it feels so good to run at 100% and it took less than 30 minutes including warm up and cool down. Who knows…maybe I am “connecting with my primal self”.

Can’t wait for some of the comments to come in on that statement. Ok guys…I gave you slow pitch over the plate…hit a home run with it. :)

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