Sunday, July 26, 2009

P90X, END OF WEEK 9 - Goal Update !!

Broken Finger, One Tough Hombre :)

Just an fyi – do you remember me “whining” about my jammed finger. Well, three weeks later, I was told it was broken. It doesn’t hurt much any more but I can’t bend it completely. But…I worked through the pain…still do.

Goal Update

  1. Nutrition BMI = Normal : DONE! (wt 168.5) HOW LOW WILL I GO….who cares…I don’t? I have gone back and forth on this but I am now ok with continued weight loss as long as my strength continues to improve.
  2. 32” jeans : DONE! I can wear 29’s but with 30’s I have room to spare.
  3. 30 Push Ups : DONE!! Completed 32! Up from 29 last week!!! Tammy was at the store when I completed them…she didn’t believe me so I had to do them again in front of her, about 4 hours later.
  4. Beat sons in Basketball : no update -- barring an injury…I ain’t worried about this. Cocky?...maybe…confident…absolutely.

    …who wants to get whipped by a 48 yr old, former obese, diabetic….old man. :)

  5. 7 Minute Mile – Ran a 8:19 mile today – 4 secs better than last week. THIS ONE IS NOT LOOKING GOOD.

Work Out Addiction?

Folks I am afraid I have a new fitness. I'm being is my rest day, yet I still did 89 push ups, 36 curls, 24 military presses, ran bleachers and ran a mile. I keep worrying this will catch up to me but thus far I don't think it has. Who knows, maybe I would have gotten stronger or quicker had I taken full advantage of my "rest days".

If I don't work out...I feel like I am missing an opportunity. I think part of it is, deep inside I am afraid I will start that slide back down to being obsese again.

Here I am in 40” jeans…the sad truth is, at one time these were too small and my gut was actually hanging over these!!!

While there has been progress...I am looking for more. I was wearing these as late as March....and no I am not "sucking it in" in this picture. I can squeeeeze into 29" jeans but 30" are more comfortable.

Take care and be safe.


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