Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy, They're Here...Steve's Day 60 P90X Pics

Steve's Half Nude P90X Day 60 Pics
.... (I get a kick out of saying that!)

1st row is Day 1, 2nd row is Day 30 and 3rd row is Day 60.

(Editor's Note: Due to formatting and a lack of width, the pictures do not line up in rows and it's not as easy to compare. With the email version, they line up perfectly, so if you'd like the email version send my an email.)

Just keep in mind a couple of things...

1) I discharged from the hospital on 2/18/09, I started working out that day and I weighed 212 lbs on my 5' 10" frame. That may not sound that bad, but as bad as it fitness condition was much much worse.

2) My Day 1 pictures were taken 5/25/09 (or there abouts), when I thought I was in pretty good shape. I was running 6-8 miles at least every other day, with a high of 10.6 miles plus I was working out with light weights. I weighed about 181 lbs, on Day 1.

So, before I even started working out with P90X I had come ALONG WAY from whence I came....(never thought I'd type "whence" in a sentence).

3) Today, 7/23/09, I weigh about about 170 lbs plus or minus a pound and I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT MY PROGRESS!

I've been tied up with some things so I will just wait and do a full goal update on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy these "half nude pics of Steve"....I know you will... LOL! JUST KIDDING!


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