Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Cool Guy...and one Not-So-Cool

I thought I would show some pics where I have ALL of my clothes on... :) LOL! I really loved saying that.

Here I am with my son Brad, the "not" so cool guy. In case you are still confused as to which one is me...,
I am the cool guy on the left. You can tell that I am the cool guy because I am the guy with the ZZ Top "pair of cheap sunglasses". :)

This pic was taken the middle of June, we were celebrating Brad’s graduation from high school.
Oh how the years pass quickly…

BTW, you can listen to ZZ Top and “Cheap Sunglasses” as you read the blog, just click on the link.

ZZ Top - Cheap sunglasses

Treat the Symptoms not the Illness

The medical community seems too often to have a “treat the symptoms” mentality.

I am not a big conspiracy theorist…but…if you, “follow the money”, this approach keeps “big pharma” fat and happy with increasing sales.

By the way, did you know that we didn’t really go to the moon!? It was staged!
LOL..just kidding.

* Before I really get into this, let me say that I KNOW there are legitimate circumstances where drugs and surgeries are absolutely, positively necessary. My point is that too often, drugs/surgery is a “first response” or in some cases the only response.


· If you are overweight? Take a fat reducing elixir or have liposuction or stomach reduction or….

· If you have high cholesterol? Don’t’ Diet and exercise take a pill.

· Type2 Diabetes? Don’t change your lifestyle, take pills and shots.

· Depressed? Don’t change circumstances, take a pill.

· Worse still, I spoke to a doctor who acted nonchalant in regards to a patient’s illegal prescription drug abuse! “oh, he’s just self-medicating”…. HELLOooo!

I know that unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of all the “over medicating” of our citizens. The thing is, NOT only are individual’s lives being affected by this over-medicating but it affects all of us with higher and higher costs for insurance, hospital and medical treatment, this ultimately leads to more taxes.

As obesity and it’s related health ailments only increase, the resulting increase in costs will only grow as well.

Why don't you all just go take a hike! :)



PS - Brad used to LOVE Whinny the Pooh...and Tigger Too. Me? I was a Piglet man of course. :)

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