Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tabata Pool Party - Come on In Boys the Water is Fine

Tabata Protocol - Sprints

Why am I spending so much “ink” on this??? Because I know for many of you...

...finding time to exercise is a problem.

To remove this excuse/reason
…YOU CAN UTILIZE THE TABATA PROTOCOL! And to make it even less of a strain, you can use practically any exercise to get started. Burpees and sprints are tough but you could start out with Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Crunches, Sit Ups, Squats or Lunges….literally any exercise. Heck, if you were like me, sedentary you could start out walking briskly for 20 seconds, rest 10 secs etc. (the more muscles used the better)

We are only talking about 15-20 mins MAX per day. Only 4 mins of actual exercising per set!! Once you build up your endurance you can do 2 then 3 different exercises.

Question: Why would I perform Sprints with the Tabata Protocol?

Answer: To obtain a cardio workout, that studies show is superior to hours of jogging, in a fraction of the time. Tabata sprints improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.

** You need to consult your physician before performing this workout. **

Ok, I have been “itching” to try the Tabata Protocol, last night I dipped my toe into the “Tabata Pool” and to quote, “O Brother Where Art Thou”…

“Come on in boys, the water is fine”

Maybe it’s because I am becoming a “fitness addict” ….I don’t know, but I do know I loved the workout and heck…it only lasted 15-20 minutes total, including warm up and cool down.

I have been doing some pretty intense cardio with P90X; still, I started out slow.

The Tabata Protocol
1) 5 minutes warm up
2) 20 seconds of exercise at 100%, 10 second rest = 1 set
3) Repeat 7 more times for a total of eight sets.
4) 5 minutes of cool down

I have not run “ALL OUT”...100% in YEARS, maybe even decades. I didn’t want to start out running 100% so here’s…

Steve’s First Day Protocol -
1) 10 minute warm up – I stretched, walked and jogged.
(I made extra sure I was warmed up)

I started out running at an estimated 80%, doing 40 secs of running and 20 secs of rest.

The main reason I started at 80%...I wanted to make sure my legs wouldn’t fall off! LOL!

By the 4th set, I was running 100% for 20 secs and 10 secs rest. From now on, I plan on running 100% and using the stop watch on my cell phone for timing.

3) I did my 8 sets…and was “whipped” when I was done. Just an FYI….for me...by the 8th set, running at 100% isn’t very fast…LOL!

4) 5 minutes of cool down – I took Max for our usual night time walk so I cooled down for longer than 5 mins.

Primal Living

When I first heard the name Primal Living and read some of it’s ideas…I thought, this sounds really cool. At the time, I did not think I’d heard it before yet it somehow sounded familiar. I watch History and NatGeo channel so it’s possible I saw a show concerning Paleo Man that had similar topics for discussion.

But last night I was walking Max and it hit me…I had heard of the theory before. I remember watching a show discussing canine aerobic capacity …dog fitness to the layperson. :) Anyway, the expert was saying that dogs were not “wired” to run with their owners for long distances and they definitely should not be “run” while their owner rides a bike for long distances. The expert was saying that dogs were “wired” to run short distances and then rest. In other words, due to their canine evolution their bodies were designed for short runs.

In a nutshell, that is what Primal Living’s principles are all about, imitating our “wiring” when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

Note to Dog Owners: Why don’t you add a brief sprint while you walk your dog(s), tomorrow you could add two brief sprints, etc etc. It will be better for you and your dog.

** Normal Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor and your veterinarian before attempting this exercise…. I don’t want to be responsible for any dogs expiring prematurely....:)

Breakfast Idea
….Chili and Eggs….yum-yum! I saw this once in a Mexican Food Restaurant…it looked good so I decided to try it….I LIKED IT! I’ve actually been eating these for awhile but forgot the mention it. I typically will fry my egg and while the egg is cooking, I warm up my “Steve’s World Greatest Quickie Chili”. Once the egg is done I lay the egg on a plate and pour the hot chili on top of the egg. Add a sprinkle of cheese…and you have a low carb, high Protein nutrient dense meal.

Note: This morning, I also added some Collard Greens, not much, but it was Xcellent!



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