Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You want me to live a Primal Blueprint?

First a Weed Salad – Follow Up

I was out picking my greens for my weed salad….no I’m not.

Honestly, my yard is starting to look like a dessert. I don’t think it’s rained here more than once since I made the claim that I was going to eat a weed salad soon. Point being, not even the weeds are growing in my yard so I can’t comment on a weed salad because I haven’t eaten one yet.

Do you think my yard looks dry? Here’s a picture of my backyard, I was thinking of adding a sprinkler system…..

You will have to admit that eating weeds while it may not sound appetizing for cultural reasons, it does make sense. Why should we spend time, money and carbon creating poisons to kill nutritious plants. …if nothing else, you will have to admit the idea is …dare I say, “thought provoking”?

If you enjoy thought provoking websites (like mine LOL) …then you need to check out this one.

Primal Blueprint

It is the blog of Mark Sisson, called Mark’s Daily Apple (MDA).….TRUST ME ON THIS…if you have ANY interest in nutrition or fitness YOU MUST VIEW his blog. Everyday I read something that interests or intrigues me…you know, provokes more thoughts.

I will not attempt to explain what MDA is all about, I’d just mess it up anyway. The clips below are from MDA’s website.

Mark Sisson 5 Mark Sisson

What is your health philosophy?

Really, my health philosophy is surprisingly simple. I generally follow a diet based on an understanding of evolutionary science. I think it’s more important to eat, move, and live according to how humans are designed and not according to society’s artificial developments of the last 100 years. Fortunately, this regimen is not only incredibly healthy, it’s quite simple.

In a nutshell:
- fresh, organic, unprocessed food – no junk!
- daily activity – whether it’s the gym or a walk along the beach, it all counts
- plenty of quality sleep
- plenty of water, no soda or sweetened drinks
- antioxidants galore – the key to limiting stress
- a good fish-oil supplement
- essential fats, reckless amounts of vegetables, and lean, clean protein
- time for fun – don’t take anything too seriously – ethical behavior – because what goes around comes around
- taking responsibility for yourself and your life – openness to new things and ideas

** Full disclosure – Mark owns a nutritional company and he has written a book on Primal living called “The Primal Blueprint”. IF YOU BUY THEM…I don’t make a cent.

I have no business relationship with Mark…I just enjoy his site and the thoughts he provokes. I hope you will take a moment to check out his site, I think you’ll enjoy it.


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