Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember my award winning blog post?

You don’t remember it? I was hoping you would because I don’t either….well, what about this one…

Save the Planet – Eat Weed

Well….Scientific American must have seen my blog post and did a follow up article. “How Fertilizers Harm Earth More Than Help Your Lawn:” Scientific American http://ow.ly/hIRN

I bet you didn’t know I was a “trendsetter” did ya. Yep, ole Steve does a blog post…next thing you know Scientific American, a premier scientific journal of America starts writing articles on the subject…..”yep”. (doing my Barney Fife imitation).

The gist of the SA article (SA is what we in publishing call Scientific American)…now where was I…oh yeah, the gist of the SA article is that chemicals we put on our yards and crops is harming our water supply, which leads to harming our wildlife, which leads to harming us.

Here is an excerpt:

“A 2007 study of pollution in rivers around Portland, Oregon found that wild salmon there are swimming around with dozens of synthetic chemicals in their systems. Another recent study from Indiana found that a variety of corn genetically engineered to produce the insecticide Bt is having toxic effects on non-target aquatic insects, including caddis flies, a major food source for fish and frogs.”

If you add to this, the “trace elements” of prescription drugs that are found in our water supply…how much longer will it take before those amounts start affecting our health? I am not trying to alarm anyone I’m just saying…

Just to boil it down, (pun intended) : Save the Planet – Eat Weed”!!! (I still have not eaten a weed salad)

P90X Update

1) Just a few days left until Steve will be posting Half Nude Pics of himself!!!

Yes!!!! :) (for the record…I do not enjoy posing or posting my pics…) And of course I will post Max’s too. Max has been consistently performing his Yoga Relaxation Therapies…but he still needs some work with his “between meals snacking”.

2) Today was the start of Block 3 – today was difficult…but it felt SOOO Good! It had been a month since I’d done these works outs…I hate them…but I love them.

Diet Conversion

When I use the word diet…I mean dietary nutrition plan. I hate to use the word diet because to most it’s a short term “fix” people use to lose weight. I am talking about a dietary nutrition plan.

This lady writes:

I've learned to love all kinds of foods that I hated before: brussels spouts, broccoli, cauliflower and more. I really like vegetables, whereas I used to merely tolerate them. Fruits seem intensely sweet to me now.”

THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!….you can change your dietary preferences!!!

I don’t know how many years would be added to your life if you exercised and ate nutritionally. I don’t know how much it would improve the quality of life in later years....but studies show that, on average, it will improve the quality of your life and reduce your risk for disease.

LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, if you were stranded on an island and all you had to eat were fruits, vegetables and lean meats…I know that sounds terrible but could you make yourself eat it just to survive? Answer is “OF COURSE YOU COULD” which means…you could do it now. Just start buying only healthy, nutritious, low carb foods.

I’m going to step off my soapbox while I still can. :)

Peace Out Weed Lovers!


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