Monday, July 13, 2009

RedHot Chili Peppers are Good For YOU!

We have a small garden and we planted Squash, Habanero peppers, Green Peppers and Tomatoes. I was “googling” to see how to dry the peppers and as is often the case, one thing leads to another...I found some very interesting facts about chili peppers and that lead me to research the benefits of all of the main ingredients of my “Steve’s World Famous Ground Turkey Chili”. I decided to include it here in the blog. The post with the recipe is if you want to make some delicious and very healthy chili.

Isn’t it interesting how scientific study confirms “widely held views”? For example, in a previous post I mentioned that my favorite healthy meal was my Chili recipe. I KNOW that it is nutritious; it only has “clean foods” in the recipe and I KNOW that it does not affect my blood sugar levels. Below, scientific information and evidence support my own personal conclusions.

Chili Peppers

Contain vitamin A, dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium and iron. They also contain capsaicin – the hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin. Studies show capsaicin is an anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever…I always thought hot peppers were the other way around. :) …they inflamed and caused pain…but in a good way. :)

It also stimulates secretions that help clear congestion in the nose and lungs. I think we all have experience the runny nose after eating a spicy hot dish.

Studies also show that chili pepper reduces risk of type 2 diabetes…if the meal contains chili pepper, a lower amount of insulin is required to lower blood sugar levels…WAY COOL.


Wow…too many nutrients to mention them all…I was surprised. Celery is high in vitamin C, K and dietary fiber. It also contains phthalides which can help lower blood pressure. Celery has many other benefits as well but to keep this short, I am moving on.

Green Peppers

Again, many nutrients but high on the list is Vitamin C, A, B6 and dietary fiber. It has two powerful carotenoids; one is beta-carotene that helps prevent damage from free radicals at the cell level. This has too many benefits to mention here but just saying that it protects your body’s cells is enough of a reason to eat more….isn’t it?

Another powerful carotenoid is lycopene. Studies show that higher lycopene consumption can reduce risk for numerous types of cancers including cervix, bladder, pancreatic, colon and lung cancer.


As we all know tomatoes are very nutritious, containing high amounts of Vitamin C, A, K, potassium and dietary fiber….and many more nutrients.

Like the Green Peppers, tomatoes are high in Lycopene and it is VERY BENEFICIAL in the protecting of cells and decreasing risk of a myriad of cancers.

An apple a day is of course good advice…but add a tomato and you have a powerful punch to your body’s defenses. Better yet…have an apple and a bowl of chili.


Contains good amounts of chromium, vitamin c and dietary fiber. Studies have shown that chromium (and onion consumption) lowers blood sugar levels. Studies also show that onions have cardiovascular benefits reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke.

Lastly, onions contain quercitin, an antioxidant and curcumin a phytonutrient that studies show have reduced the size and number of precancerous lesions in the intestinal tract.

Summary: WOW – while I knew that “Steve’s World Famous Ground Turkey Chili was nutritious and “clean”….I didn’t realize the full benefits of eating it. It is good to know that you can fix a meal that tastes good and is really good for you. For your convenience, here again is the link to my recipe.

** WARNING: Eating Steve’s World Famous Ground Turkey Chili can be habit forming. If you are prone to compulsive or addictive behaviors…proceed with extreme caution.

To see the affects of withdrawal look at this photo. It was taken after this person learned that China had placed a ban on Steve’s World Famous Ground Turkey Chili. Apparently the ban was placed because the government did not want it’s 1.3 billion citizens to live longer, healthier lives.

Now go outside and exercise for 30 - 45 minutes…will ya? I know it’s hot but wait until the sun goes down if it is too hot for you.



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