Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weight Loss Update and Stuff

**** Insomnia Warning : Economic DATA Post – please do not operate machinery while reading this post or operate trains or buses etc.

New Jobless Claims Drop to 522,000. the LOWEST LEVEL SINCE JANUARY!

Everyone knows unemployment is a lagging indicator so….this is GREAT NEWS! We have turned the corner on the recession!

Right??? Like the Hertz commercial…not exactly.

1) This is the number of newly laid off Americans who signed up for unemployment benefits, for the first time. So any number higher than new jobs being created would not be good….and our economy isn’t creating many jobs.

2) The 522,000 new jobless claims is a seasonally adjusted number…it is not the actual number.

It is the number the government wants us to see. Most or at least many economists expected the number to actually increase…so why didn’t the number increase?

Like I said, it was seasonally adjusted…down. THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF NEW

** Now in fairness, this happens all the time regardless of the party in power.


Weight Status

Ok….drum role…Steve is down to 169lbs….and honestly folks….I am not trying to lose weight, which leads me to a conversation I had with a gentleman yesterday.

He was interested in doing the P90X program but had read somewhere that P90X was not for weight loss.

There are three separate styles of P90X, you receive instructions/CDs for all three.

1) Classic – building muscle

2) Lean – for those who want more cardio, less intensive workout.

3) Doubles -
is for those that want extra cardio or want weight loss.

Having said all that, I am doing the Classic and I’ve lost 12 pounds so far…P90X will “get you fit”. In my opinion, if you stick to the workout plan and stick to the nutrition plan….you will “get fit”, if you are overweight…then you will lose weight.

Last Word On Primal Blueprint

Here is a link that should be a good “primer” for the site.

Definitive Guide: The Primal Blueprint

If you decide you want more…just about everything you will need is on this link.

Primal Blueprint 101 | Mark's Daily Apple

I have not purchased nor read the book, nor followed his program. All I have done is read some of his site. Most of his basic nutritional ideas I was already using (most not all), it is his fitness ideas that I find the most interesting...see for yourself why he says that “Chronic Cardio” is not the way to go. Chronic Cardio refers to running/jogging many miles. As you know if you read my blog, in the past I was briefly a person who practiced Chronic Cardio. Running all those miles certainly helped me, but then… I was in a “bad place” before I started. :)

I am sincerely interested in your thoughts about the Primal Blueprint, so shoot me an email if you check it out.

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