Thursday, July 2, 2009

My "3-2 pitch" meal & Memo to Tammy?

*** Warning: A brief political commentary follows.

I truly do get excited about fitness and nutrition …but political discussions are my true passion. In olden times, before PC's, I was once Politically active...

Every day I find it tougher and tougher to hold my tongue
… (have you ever tried to literally hold your tongue…it’s difficult and it feels creepy.)

TODAY there is MORE talk about a second Stimulus package!!! …. PLEASE can we spend the money for the last one before we even talk about another one !!!

This ends my political commentary.


Yes, in olden times Steve was politically active…in olden times I was also sexually active too! :)

WHICH LEADS me to another critical motivation for becoming fit….in addition to a longer, more bountiful life…I was told that my sexual activity would increase

...was I supposed to tell Tammy? ‘cause I don’t think she got the memo!

LOL! ….just kidding…. Geesh, some people get sooo bent out of shape…


Last week on Thursday, I’d lost another pound…a week later my weight has stabilized…but WAS there any doubt that “ole Steve” could pack in a enough calories to stop the weight loss? :)

Seriously though, as previously stated…I’ve been here before, and IN THE PAST once I started eating more…it snowballed. I am handling this “phase” very carefully. Over the last week I have increased my caloric intake but I’ve continued to eat clean.

Recipes / Diet strategy:

I am a big fan of finding two to three meals that you can “go to” after you’ve had a bad meal or six. :) You need a meal that is nutritious and “clean” and preferably one that you can make a lot of so you can eat it for a couple of days.

I call this my 3-2 pitch meal. (baseball reference)

Chili is my meal, chili is a dish that I make at least monthly and usually every two weeks. Here is a pic of my last batch...not much left. IT IS SO VERSATILE…you can eat it plain, with beans, with corn, with rice, with greens and you can also make spaghetti sauce with it (my family loves it), mix it with macaroni and cheese…etc etc.

Note: I used to make chili with real ground up chilies as the “base” but I only use that recipe on rare occasions…when I want to show off…or beat Gene Gregory in a chili contest. :)

Steve’s Quickie Chili Recipe – nutritious, low fat and great for diabetics (for me at least)

1 lb of ground turkey
4-6 cloves of garlic (6 small , 4 med) (I use a garlic press)
2 large green peppers (seeded)
1 large onion
½ cluster of celery (what do you call that?)
1 16oz can of pureed tomato (generally pureed has less sodium and sugar)
1 16 oz can of crushed tomato
5 dashes of Worcester sauce
Cumin to taste ( start with teaspoon)
Red Chili Pepper to taste ( start with teaspoon)
Black Pepper to taste ( start with teaspoon)
½ cup of Texas Pete (or to taste)
1 container of fat free low sodium beef broth. (optional)

While the turkey is browning, take the celery, green peppers and onion and process in a blender / food processor.

Place the green peppers, onions, celery and garlic into a pot and simmer over medium heat for @ 10 minutes.

Once meat is browned, put the meat into the blender/food processor to even the texture. Then add the meat to the pot with the veggies.

Add the canned tomato into the pot with the Worcester sauce, cumin, chili and black pepper and simmer for 30-45 minutes. If the chili is too thick, you can add water or the beef broth.

** If you are going to cook with rice, add the beef broth before adding the rice.

*** We all should eat more greens (collards, spinach, turnips etc) but not everyone likes them. The great thing about can eat a ton of them, they are low in calories and carbs. Chili is a great dish to add them to because the flavors of the chili are so strong that it masks the taste of the greens.
IF you make the chili, add some greens to the bowl (not pot) and let me know what you think. Here is the bowl I am about to devour.

Be good….and if you can’t be good…be good at it!


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