Friday, July 10, 2009

"P" or Pee is for POWER???

Scientists can create cheap hydrogen from urine for use in fuel cells

This is Fantastic NEWS! Let's ALL hope this technology comes to market.

Check out the link, from 2009 MSNBC

*** Supposedly, batteries could be produced for distribution in 6 months....let's keep our legs crossed...(sorry, bad pee joke)...I mean, let's keep our fingers crossed.


This picture is similar to the picture in a previous post, it was taken on the dock at Midtown
Sundries In Cornelius, NC (located on Lake Norman).

If you noticed...I don't have any pictures of Tammy (my wife) on my blog...I have strict orders NOT to post any pictures of her. It's ok to poke a little fun here and there.....but post a pic of her and there will be BIG trouble...and you thought there was Big Trouble in Little know the movie...ok I'll drop it.

That is Tammy's right arm, I don't think she'll care about this picture but as we all know...I've been wrong before.

I love to eat at ALL Midtown Sundries but the one in Cornelius is my favorite. They have a boat dock with a “wildlife feed machine”, you put a quarter in and you receive feed for ducks and tastes pretty good case you have to wait to be seated! :)

If you do feed the wildlife, it won't take long and the water will be teeming with bream, carp, ducks and Canadian geese. This is great if you have children…of all ages. Tammy will give me a couple of quarters…and I’m happy for at least 30 minutes. :)

Another reason I like this restaurant, they have some healthy choices on the menu. (Don't worry...they have plenty of unhealthy ones as well.) They offer boiled shrimp as an appetizer and they have an excellent selection of salads. Great bonus….you can add grilled chicken, shrimp or tuna to almost all of the salad items. (of course, stay away from the croutons and high fat cheeses and dressings.)

Midtown Sundriesunstarred

18665 Harborside Dr, Cornelius, NC‎ - (704) 896-9013

"Nice casual waterfront dining location. Good food and service, reasonably priced ..."

Boat Ride

I’ve received emails from people wanting to go for a ride in my boat. They erroneously believe that the boat in the picture above…is mine. THIS IS NOT MY BOAT! I don’t quite make enough money from this blog to pay for a boat. Ok, ok….I don’t make any money from this blog.

Here's a picture of a lady wrestler from China who REALLY wants to go for a boat ride. The picture was taken by a friend after she heard the news that it's not my boat.

She had offered to be my house maid for a month and to change the transmission in my truck if I give her a boat ride. I told her that there was nothing wrong with the transmission in my truck and that I already have a house maid….me!

Talking about her reminded me of this song... just click on the link. LOL! David Bowie - China Girl

The actually a "Party Boat" owned by the restaurant, they have evening trips out on the lake.

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