Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something About Mary (and Lake Ice)

Before we discuss "Mary" a couple of Fitness/Health issues.

1) US FDA Advisory Panel URGES:

a) Banning VICODIN & PERCOCET – both are prescription pain meds that combine opiates with acetaminophen.

b) Maximum Dose of Acetaminophen for OTC drugs should be reduced from 1,000 mg to 650 mg. 1,000 mg or more will require a prescription.

Why? Acetaminophen remains the leading cause of acute liver failure. I think everyone knows by now that it is not good for you but I didn't know it was the leading cause of acute liver failure...

There have been too many reports of liver damage due to over dosing on acetaminophen. The main culprit they believe in the overdosing, taking multiple meds that have the drug. They include Tylenol, Nyquil, Theraflu and Excedrin.

2) 7 benefits of regular physical activity--Mayo Clinic

Need motivation to exercise? Here are seven ways exercise can improve your life — starting today!

NOW...Something About Mary (and Lake Ice)

First off, this isn’t about the movie, “Something About Mary”. In a previous post, yellow snow came up and it reminded me of this story...hope you enjoy. This post is about a lady that I used to work with many years ago.

Mary who truly was quite contrary, was a transplant from Utica, NY. She was a good soul but she loved aggravating me. Mary would often give me a hard time about Southerners eating "yellow snow". She would go on and on about the poor dumb southerners eating snow cream made from yellow snow.

“You never know when dogs have peed in it.”, she’d say. I’d reply, “Yes we do Mary…we don’t eat yellow snow”. Her reply would be, “oh yea, what about when they dribble?” Then I would say, “we don’t use snow if there are footprints around it…” etc etc,

I am giving you a much abbreviated version…she’d go on and on about this. Mary would claim that, “northerners had more sense than to eat snow cream, they ate lake ice”.

Yes that’s correct, “Lake Ice”. One day Mary was going on and on about the lake ice vs snow cream. She claimed that her family would eat lake ice right from the lake or use a blender and add flavoring to make a slushy out of it. She'd go on and on about how much better it was than snow cream made from yellow snow, etc, etc.

I finally thought of something that stopped her in her tracks. I said, “Mary, first, we check to make sure the snow is not yellow…but what about you? Do you have fish in the lakes up there?”

Mary said, “yeah”.

I asked,“ So.... fish pee and dodo in the lake water, then the water freezes and then you eat it?”


Hope you enjoyed the story…as for the health angle…DON’T EAT YELLOW SNOW AND DON'T EAT LAKE ICE!


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