Monday, July 6, 2009

Squeeze in to 42” Jeans or 10 lbs in 5 lb bag?

Today is the start of Week 7 – End of Week 6 Goal Update

  1. BMI = Normal : done (wt 173) I have met my weight goal.

Summary: Dec ’08 = 232 lbs, Feb’09 = 212 lbs, May 25th 181 lbs

  1. Wear 32” jeans : done - I can put 29” jeans on…but you don’t want to see it. Have you heard the expression, 10 lbs in 5 lb bag…. LOL!

    FYI – Feb ’09 …I had to SQUEEZE into 42” jeans!!!!! 32’s are comfortable and there is room to spare.
  2. 30 Push Ups : completed 25 ! Up from 23 last week, getting closer! Honestly, I would have never thought I’d make it to 20.

    When I started P90X I could only do 7.
  3. Beat sons in Basketball : no official update – but I did play some this weekend…MAN DO I LOVE IT! No other sport compares IMHO, golf is good but basketball is a great sport!

    No I am not talking about college basketball (which I love) and I am certainly not talking about Pro Basketball…I’m talking about 2 on 2 or better yet, 3 on 3 pick up games.
  4. 7 Minute Mile no update -

More on Basketball

Before P90X – I was running 6-8 miles almost daily, with a high of 10.6 miles. At the time I was feeling more and more fit. I played a game of 2 on 2 basketball with my son and his friends. I was able to compete but running for miles and miles didn’t make me strong, my “wind” was ok but my strength and endurance was….lacking.

This weekend, Played 2 on 2 basketball, with two 18 yr olds and a 15 yr old. For the first time IN-A-LONG-TIME, I really felt good playing ball. I could at least perform all the requisite tasks, jumping, running, dribbling, rebounding, etc. I had a spring in my step and my endurance was holding up well….until something happened…. I went up for a rebound and jammed my finger.

Now….I’ve played basketball off and on for about 40 yrs and I have jammed my finger MANY times. Yes they are painful but you play through it. This time it was nothing like that…the finger was bent back at a 45 degree angle, I could not bend it and it really, really HURT!

I was running around, screaming (very manly screams I assure you) for someone to help me to pull it back into place myself. Due to the sweat I couldn’t get a good grip. I ran to my son, he couldn’t straighten it either for the same reason. At this point I’m really mad because I am thinking it’s broken and I’ll have to go the hospital. More importantly, if it’s broken, I won’t be able to continue with my P90X workouts.

All of this happened probably in less than a minute, as a last resort I grabbed my shirt put it around my finger, ran to my nephew and asked him to try one last time…thank goodness he was successful. Here is a pic of the HERO, my nephew, Garrett Williams. He also hit the game winning shot in one of the games.

This is the “same old story” for Tammy. As I said, I’ve played basketball off and on for 40 years and when I do play, it is NOT unusual for me to be on crutches a day after playing basketball. She was about 200 yds away and could not see the court….when she heard my “manly” screams…she told her mom, “well, Steve’s hurt again.”

Did she come running to help?? …no she did not. Ooh, the love of a good woman...

She knows how tough I am. :)

The finger is sore but all should be well soon, I’m using the finger to type with now. This should not hamper my workout activities.

Steve Cooksey

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